"I highly recommend Drs. Fischer and Pate ..."
patient testimonial Highly recommend Drs. Fischer and PateOur daughter was the first in our family to see the Nora Dental Associates. After her first visit, which was nothing less than a wonderful experience, we as an entire family decided this was where we wanted our dental care. Quite frankly, we could not be happier. The entire staff are wonderful people. Drs. Fischer and Pate are professional, and their skills are the best. They make us feel comfortable as they explain all they do in easy to understand terms. We have been extremely happy with their care! What is just as important is how gracious they are. I call them “clones” of each other. Both of them are extremely kind, personal, and comforting. It instills great confidence, and makes the experience truly a pleasure.

Just like the doctors, the hygienists and office staff are wonderfully friendly. They remember us when we come in and treat us as family. They have bent over backwards to get us in quickly when we have had the occasional dental emergency. Every visit has been a great experience. I cannot say enough about this wonderful group of people! You will find no better, and no kinder care. I highly recommend Drs. Fischer and Pate, and the wonderful staff at Nora Dental Associates!

Jim N., M.D.

"They never recommend unnecessary work ..." 
patient testimonial never recommend unnecessary workI have gone to Nora Dental Associates and been cared for by Dr. Karen Fischer for a number of years. Their staff is always courteous and prompt. The care that I have received has been consistently excellent. They respond to emergent and routine needs and are always accommodating. They never recommend unnecessary work; what is recommended is needed and well done. I feel confident going to them and know that I will receive the best care possible and have a good outcome. 

Amy S., M.D.


"I wouldn't go anywhere else ..."
patient testimonial would go to any other dentistI’ve been going to Nora Dental since I was little. However when I went away to college I wasn’t taking care of my teeth in the best way. I didn’t floss consistently. I didn’t brush twice a day. I didn’t go to the dentist at all and because of a bad experience I refused to go. My mom finally talked me back into going, and I had the best dental experience of my life. I got connected with an amazing hygienist that retaught me the basics I had learned as a kid. She had me come in for a second cleaning about 2 weeks after the first. This was to ensure that I got all the time needed on my teeth that hadn’t been cleaned in about 2 1/2 years. That second appointment was even better than the first. My gums weren’t bleeding as much. I wasn’t as afraid because she helped me by implementing a simple action plan to get my gums better. 
Four years later I love going to the dentist. I wouldn’t go anywhere else. The staff is amazing! I take care of my teeth now because of the skills that they have given me. I enjoy going and getting my teeth cleaned. It’s amazing to me that once you start taking care of your teeth and have someone to understand your concerns with your teeth how much you will enjoy the dentist.
I live in Avon and drive to Nora because I know my teeth are in great hands!
Loyal customer always, Desiree R.

"Her gentle touch and gentle demeanor have changed my view of a dental visit ..." 
gentle dentist patient testimonialIn the past I have always dreaded going to the dentist. The first time I saw Dr. Fischer it had been 3 years since my last visit. I went with dread and fear. Her gentle touch and gentle demeanor have changed my view of a dental visit. There is so much care and concern demonstrated. That care and concern doesn’t stop with Dr. Fischer; it is with her team as well. I can’t say enough good things about her dental assistant, Tomorrow, or my favorite dental hygienist, Amanda. They have completely won me over, so much so, that I recruited the whole family (husband, two daughters, and my dad) into patients.
Veda C.

"Dr. Fischer is so gentle, and she will only do what is necessary."
patient testimonial gentle indianapolis dentistI met Dr. Fischer 15 years ago. When I first met her, I told her that the dentist my husband and I were seeing recommended 10 crowns between us. She looked at me with amazement. I was very upset, not only at the time commitment, but at the discomfort and the money we were going to have to spend. She was very kind and told me that she would examine us. After we had our appointment with her she informed us that I only needed one crown and my husband didn’t need any crowns. I was so happy that she had come into our lives. Dr. Fischer is an excellent dentist. She is so gentle, and she will only do what is necessary.
Nancy M.


"We rate the Nora Dental Associates as one of the best anywhere." 
patient testimonial Nora Dental best anywhereMy wife and I have been patients of Dr. Fischer and now Dr. Pate for close to 25 years. The doctors and the staff have always been as professional and courteous as anyone could ask for. Their dental service is excellent! We feel like we are in good hands every time we go. We are totally satisfied with the service, and rate the Nora Dental Associates as one of the best anywhere.
Larry W.


"I give the office staff an A+++++ ..."
patient testimonial A+++++Dr. Fischer is the kindest and most gentle dentist ever. She has a calming effect even in crisis situations. She does such a great job explaining things that I feel confident whatever procedure is being recommended or completed. I give the office an A+++++. Both of my kids have experienced the same type of treatment  over the years and have no fears or objections to dental visits. She practices “painless dentistry.” I routinely required nitrous oxide (laughing gas) even for cleanings prior to coming to this practice. Now I take it all in stride. 
Robert C.


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