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Tips For A Whiter Smile This Summer

teeth whitening tips

 A whiter smile is on the wish list of many of our patients this summer. We would love to share some tips to make sure that you get the smile you want!

Use A Whitening Toothpaste:

Our first tip would be to start out by switching over to a whitening toothpaste. Besides keeping your mouth clean, whitening toothpaste focuses on removing stains from your teeth. In order for this to be effective, you must consistently use it, so we suggest switching to a whitener today!

Drinking Lots Of Water:

Water is not only beneficial to your overall health, but can also be helpful to keeping your teeth white. By drinking water, you ensure that you are constantly rinsing out bacteria and food debris, which are both leading causes of cavities and gum disease. The minerals and fluoride found in water help to restore and strengthen your enamel as well. This will help you keep your teeth healthy and have a shiny white smile all summer long!

Flossing Daily:

One of the leading causes of stained teeth is from plaque buildup and the formation of tartar. The main way to make sure you don't start to get tartar or plaque buildup is to have a constant flossing schedule. This may sound tedious, but we suggest that you floss at least once a day to make sure that there is no food debris stuck in your teeth. it doesn't matter what time of the day you floss; you can do it whenever you prefer.

Go To The Dentist For A Teeth Cleaning:

We would suggest going in for an appointment every six months if possible. This gives our team a chance to help keep your smile white, as well as check in to make sure everything is going well!

We hope that you found these tips helpful and useful, but good home routines may not be enough to get the smile you're looking for. For faster and more intense results, schedule an appointment and ask us about our teeth whitening options. We'll work to find an option that meets your individual needs!